World War alert! Conflict intensifies between neighboring countries in these 4 places

Amid the ongoing coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, it is feared that a World War can erupt anytime because conflicts are currently on between neighboring countries at four places in the world. The largest battleground remains close to Russia, where Armenia and Azerbaijan are engaged in open war. Both countries are using missiles and tanks against each other and Muslim-majority Azerbaijan has now even started to use drone to target Armenia.

Though Azerbaijan and Armenia are engaged in direct war, tension between some other countries of the world is also increasing constantly. Tension is simmering between India and China along Line of Actual Control in Eastern Ladakh. Tension has also increased between Saudi Arabia and Iran in the recent past, At the same time, it is feared that Russia can take major action against Pakistan and Turkey for supporting Azerbaijaan against Armenia. The tension between China and Taiwan has also increased recently and both sides are unwilling to take a step back and resolve their differences through dialogue.

Experts maintain it is likely that both Russia and Turkey may join the Azerbaijan-Armenia war openly. Notably, Turkey has openly announced its support for Azerbaijan but Russia is yet to come out in support for Armenia but it is just a matter of time that Moscow take against Azerbaijaani forces.

The major reason for the war between Armenia and Azerbaijan is the Nagorno-Karabakh region. Azerbaijan describes the mountainous region of this region as its own, while Armenia has occupied it. The area has been under Armenia’s occupation since the fighting ended in 1994. In 2016 too, there was a bloody war between the two countries over this area, in which 200 people were killed. Now once again both countries are face to face. Both countries were part of the USSR

Several tanks of Azerbaijan army have been destoryed in missile attacks by Armenia. Azerbaijan is using drone to launch targeted attacks on Armenian forces. It is reported that Azerbaijan is using drones purchased from Turkey for the attack. It may be known that Azerbaijan had bought Baybarkar TB2 drone from Turkey.

Armenia has threatened to use use Russian missile equipped with nuclear weapons against Azerbaijaan. The ballistic missile named Iskandar missile is a modern weapon and it never misses its target. The domestic variant of this missile has a range of 400 km and it is capable of acrrying a warhead of 700 kilogram. Iskandar missile is capable of dodging the radar, as well as destroying the target while protecting itself from the attacks of enemy missiles.

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