PM Modi slams Pak on 26/11 anniversary & other top news

It was a thunder Thursday of news as Prime Minister Narendra Modi slammed Pakistan for promoting terrorism while talking on 26/11 anniversary. Also, China and India through have maintained communication to safeguard peace in border areas, the People’s Liberation Army said. Below are the day’s biggest headlines:

China, India in ‘candid, in-depth communication’ to disengage troops in eastern Ladakh: PLA

China and India have maintained “candid and in-depth communication and coordination” to promote disengagement in areas along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in eastern Ladakh after the eighth round of talks to resolve the current standoff, the Chinese military said on Thursday.

The Chinese and Indian militaries held the 8th round of Corps Commander-level meeting on November 6 to resolve the military standoff that erupted in early May.

Addressing the All India Presiding Officers Conference on the occasion of Constitution Day on Thursday, PM Narendra Modi touched upon many topics in his speech. However, what stood out in his speech that the PM did not shy away from naming and shaming Pakistan on the anniversary of the 26/11 Mumbai terror attack. The PM said that terrorists sent from Pakistan had attacked Mumbai on this day in 2008. “People from India and many foreign nations were killed. I pay homage to them as well as police and security forces personnel who died while fighting the terrorists,” the PM stated. He added that today’s India is fighting terrorism with ‘new niti and new riti’.

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