From LPG Cylinder delivery to railway time table, here are some new rules from November 1: Check details

From November 1, many rules ranging from LPG Cylinder delivery to new railway time table –several things that have a major impact in the lives of common man are going to change.

Since these rules are going to affect your everyday life, it is important to know more about these changes in detail. Here are some rules that are going to change from November 1.

LPG delivery system

Oil companies will implement Delivery Authentication Code (DAC) for the customers opting for home delivery of LPG Cylinders. From November 1, customers will be required to furnish a one-time password (OTP) to get their LPG Cylinders home delivered. Delivery Authentication Code (DAC), as a pilot project is already underway in Jaipur in Rajasthan. It will implemented in 100 smart cities first. Customers who want home delivery of their LPG cylinders will get a code on their registered mobile number. Successful delivery of LPG Cylinders will only take place when the customers provide the OTP Code to the delivery person.

High-security registration plates and colour-coded stickers online booking resumes

The Delhi government will resume the online booking for high-security registration plates and colour-coded stickers from November 1 on a trial basis in a few areas of the national capital. In the new version of the website, which will be available for public from November 1, a single website URL, through SIAM, will be available for booking HSRP and colour coded stickers. NIC will facilitate technical support for the website. After booking of HSRP or Colour- Coded Sticker, consumers will get a real-time update of each stage of the processing, through SMS. The customer will be notified of the same at least 2 days prior to the date of appointment so that there is no delay in delivery. The website will also enable the customer to avail for the facility of Home delivery of the plate.

Indane Gas booking number

Indane Gas booking number will be changed from November 1 as the old numbers will not be acceptable. Indane has issued a new number for its gas booking which will now be a unified number. Indane customers can use the nationwide numbers for call and SMS –7718955555.

Railway time table

Indian Railways is going to make changes in the time table of trains across the country. Earlier, the change was scheduled to kick in from October 31, however for some reasons unknown, this could not be done. The new timings will kick in  from November 1.

Delhi-Chandigarh Tejas Express

Delhi-Chandigarh Tejas Express will return to track from November 1. The fastest train covers the distance between the Delhi and Chandigarh route in just three hours.

LPG Cylinder Prices

Oil marketing companies revise the prices of LPG on the first day of every month depending on the crude rates in the international markets.

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