As the second-wave of Coronavirus flares up, these countries plan another lockdown

The coronavirus infection showing no sign of end has yet again troubled the world where people are now calling it as onset of the ‘second wave of virus’. Many countries that imposed strict lockdown during the month of March had started unlocking public places with certain guidelines. However, seeing the rise in coronavirus cases some countries are have started reimposing lockdown to control the spread of infection.

Here’s the list of countries and their lockdown plan:


Nepal is staring at another possible lockdown as the coronavirus caseload surpassed that of China, reported local media on Sunday (October 04). The Himalayan nation had enforced a nationwide lockdown in March, to curb the spread of the virus that put its 30 million citizens under months of lockdown, halting all economic operations.


France has imposed fresh restrictions shutting down all bars and cafes in Paris starting today for two weeks. In Marseille – another big city of France, bars and restaurants had been last week ordered to shut completely for 15 days. With the rate of new infections, hospitalisations and deaths accelerating months after the lifting of a nationwide lockdown, new rules on social distancing will enter into force starting Tuesday.


Germany has extended the ban on social gatherings such as concerts, sporting events and public festivals till the end of this year. News rules for inbound travellers have been put in place. From October 1, travellers from high-risk countries are to self-isolate for 14 days. Not wearing a face mask invites a fine of 50 euros in Germany.


Spain which is one of the worst-hit countries due to the virus has restricted even indoor social gatherings to a maximum of six persons. Public places such as shops and bars are directed to keep the number of people limited. Everybody above the age of six is required to wear a face mask while going outside.


Italy has closed public gathering places like nightclubs and dance bars. People going outside are required to follow strict guidelines like wearing face masks at all public places and following social distancing. It is obligatory to wear face masks for kids, aged above 6, going to schools.


Fresh restrictions were imposed even in the Netherlands, where the authorities on September 29 ordered that there cannot be any spectator at a sporting event. They also restricted the social gatherings at home to three persons. Wearing a mask has been compulsory in big cities and public places such as bars and restaurants.

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