Interview:”To me music and art both are forms of salvation” says singer Soumita Saha

We all know Frances Wright said ” Equality is the soul of liberty; there is, in fact, no liberty without it “. We pretty often find people on social networking sites talking about Equality.Equality is a fancy term we read about pretty often. But in the industry of performing arts ‘equality’ is not exactly like it appears on social media. People associated with performing arts have witnessed that. Soumita Saha is an eminent name in International EDM industry and playback singer in tollywood, she is aslo consider as one of the youngest exponent of Tagore Music. Besides music her art work also gets Exhibited in reputed art galleries in the country and Abroad. In a candid conversation International singer and eminent Painter Soumita Saha opens up about her journey and equality in the industry of performing arts.

1) What keeps Soumita busy when She is not working? 
I am a Couch Potato, I don’t hang out much. I either read a book or watch good movies while chilling at home. 
2) How come you balance music with Art?
The creator got every forn of art balanced and bridged who am I to balance ? To me music and art both are forms of salvation. They connect me to people in a very balanced manner. I make music for audience and paint for my self. I dedicate myself to feel people’s view when I make music , they dedicate themselves to understand my point of view when they appreciate my Painting. I love this selfless symbiosis. 
3) How can you relate Architecture with Art and Music?
As Frank Gehry says ” Architecture should speak of its time and place, but yearn for timelessness” ,So is Music and Art. They are all sailing in the same ship. Having studied Architecture I explored culture and perspectives of different cultures across the globe. This helped me understand their music, their native form of art from the root. Every beginning’s got a story those ‘how this form initiated ‘ stories helped me understand their depth a lot better. As a result of which fusion became my forte.
4) Share the story of first break of your life 
My first break story connects my personal life on countless levels. During my college days Gajendra Verma’s heart touching number Emptiness rose to fame and I came up with a rendition of the same “Tere Bina” . This had a parallel connection I completed a painting of a lonely lady that how the compilation idea came. I jotted the lyrics and compiled the song. This is how my first break came and the painting went Viral as well. This first break had adverse effect on my life as the guy I was dating felt I have been faking indirect story of my life’s emptiness just for attention. He felt threatened. I know it is a very cheap thing to do but my upbringing never taught me to measure people by their action. The only reason I made terrible mistakes having choosen companions. This first break had joy and shock amulgamated only to teach me a lesson. “Wake up Soumita!” 

5) What’s your favorite creation till today that you loved the most ? 
As I mention everywhere I am very close to my recent work “Aberrant ” it is something different.
6) Do you think social media had positive effect on artist’s career ?
I wouldn’t like to sound pessimistic but the key to find positive effect is limiting your expectations. If you are looking for appreciation that the best thing social networking can help you with. You work reaches a lot of people your work catch people’s attention. But if you are expecting to sell through this platform, disappointment is inevitable.

7)Tell us a little about the best thing that you learned during lockdown and how did it leave impact in your life 

Minimalistic lifestyle, self care, work from home got us all time that we can invest on ourselves. 
8) What is your opinion about equality in the industries you have worked with? 
The existence of Equality is not even close to what it appears on social media.This Fancy term called ” Equality ” exists only in social media walls of people from the Industry. In reality a woman’s success always needs to have a cooked up story even she is not aware of . Her talent, hard work nothing is as important as the fact ‘she is a woman’ it must be easy for her. Let alone ‘Equality’ here they name Self respect as ‘ Vanity ‘.
9) The hassle you face in Industry did it come from men exclusively or women as well?
The industry is place where diversity exists at it’s level best. Here we have genuine feminist men, and terrible “meninist ” women. But honestly why we women bear the allegation of being gold digger is because of women who support men being mean to women for their own benefit. They set bad example and men tends to believe , provide woman benefit they oppose their own clan. Trust me, this will not stop until we woman lift up each other.  
10) Some words for those who are dreaming to make it big in Performing Arts.
The best thing about success is when you hungry for success it take a long time to arrive but when you are focusing on improving quality of your work success arrives faster. If you are money minded and always bothered about you standard of living, life style your corporate friends can afford and you can’t don’t go for art or performing arts. It will fail to give you a life that is instagram worthy. If you want to focus on performing arts or art focus on the quality of work money will come . Yes it takes time but when you hit the right chord money cones and brings along a Google search worthy personality.

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