Gujarat has worst mortality rate of 6.06% across the nation

With 390 new coronavirus patients, tally of cases in Gujarat rises to 7,403 while death toll rises to 449 , the state of Gujarat has the worst Covid-19 mortality rate of 6.06 per cent or six deaths per 100 cases. The state has seen a recovery rate of 24.37 per cent with a total of 1,709 recoveries out of 7,012 confirmed cases.

In comparison, Delhi, Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra — the only union territory and states to have more than 5,000 confirmed cases other than Gujarat — have a mortality rate of 1.1, 0.68, and 3.88 per 100 cases, respectively. While Delhi has a recovery rate of 32.29 per cent, Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra have seen 28.6 and 18.36 per cent recoveries, respectively, on every 100 patients.

In absolute numbers, Delhi had 5,980 cases, 1,931 recoveries and 66 deaths whereas Maharashtra had 17,974 cases, 3301 recoveries, and 694 deaths, as per official data on Friday morning. Tamil Nadu, at the same time, had 5,409 confirmed cases, 1,547 recoveries, and 37 deaths.

Overall, the national mortality rate was 3.34 as on Friday morning and the recovery rate stood at 29.35 per cent. India has confirmed 56,342 confirmed Covid-19 cases so far.

To be sure, these are only cases that have been confirmed by authorities, the true extent of the outbreak is not known.

Among states with confirmed cases between 1,000 and 5,000, West Bengal has the worst mortality rate of 9.75 with 151 deaths in 1,548 confirmed cases, and a recovery rate of 23.51 per cent as 364 patients have been cured.

West Bengal was followed by Madhya Pradesh with 5.93 deaths per 100 patients. The state had recorded 3,252 confirmed cases, 1,231 recoveries and 193 deaths, as per the latest data.

Other states — Andhra Pradesh, Punjab, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, and Uttar Pradesh — with confirmed cases between 1,000 and 5,000, recorded a mortality rate between 1 and 3 per cent.

Kerala, which had recorded the initial Covid-19 cases in the country back in late January, has been successful in containing the spread and had witnessed just 503 confirmed cases as on May 7, even as it remained the state with one of the highest testing rates in India.

Kerala has recorded just four deaths, at a rate of 0.79, and 474 recoveries, at a rate of 94.23. The state has recorded 5 recoveries and no new case in the past 24 hours.

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