Forty plus self care is necessary and every women shall exercise daily for atleast 45 minutes to keep her fit: Aditi Govitrikar

The biggest psychological challenge for women is manage both the roles while working from home during the time of Corona pandemic. This women’s day it is important to empower them to be strong and atleast think about their health and nutrition,” said Aditi Govitrikar renowned film actress, Mrs World, fitness expert and motivational speaker.

She is in Vadodara to be a part of the seven days fitness challenge launch by Alembic group to celebrate women’s day. A professional doctor Aditi is known as beauty with brains. She put a niche of herself in the glamour world and now motivate women to be strong.

She said, women at a certain point of time are negligent towards their health and that affect the whole family. So it’s necessary to be aware about the fitness and every five year keep a tab on the diet based on quality and quantity. She also is in favour of vegetarian diet for good health.

Aditi said the women need to balance their career and family life as per the biological cycle. After forty plus self care is necessary and atleast every women shall exercise daily for atleast 45 minutes to keep themselves fit.

On professional front she will be seen in projects soon to be releasing on OTT platforms. She said OTT platforms are way ahead and is way forward. As we are moving forward to normalcy and theatres are opening up the online platforms will have their existence.

Celebrating the occasion of women’s day, Alembic group will launch a 7 day fitness challenge by Dr.Aditi Govitrikar. Earlier the group organise thirty days challenge in 2020 for women employees where they have to do 10000 steps in a day. Now a step forward this year they include diet nutrition and other parameters for them

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