Why did Sushant Singh Rajput call you over to his house on June 8, did you know anything about his fight with Rhea Chakraborty? The 31 important questions CBI would ask his sister Meetu Singh

Sushant Singh Rajput’s sister Meetu Singh will be interrogated by the CBI for the first time today in the late star’s death case. She is an important link in the case as Meetu was the one who had visited Sushant at his Mumbai home on June 8, the day on which his actress girlfriend Rhea Chakraborty left him. 

Meetu stayed with Sushant for a few days. She reportedly left his home on or before June 13. She was also the first member from the family to be informed about Sushant’s death. 

Meetu as already recorded her statement with the Enforcement Directorate (ED).

As per sources, there is a list of some 31 important questions that the CBI would ask Meetu and these can also unravel the mystery pertaining to Sushant’s death.  

– What was the reason behind Sushant’s call to you to come over to his house on June 8?
– Who all were present in the house when you reached? How was the environment like?
– Did Sushant, Siddharth Pithani or any member of the house tell you that Rhea has left home?
– Did anyone tell you about Rhea and Sushant’s fight? 
– Did you have any idea that Sushant was suffering from any mental discomfort for the last few days?
– Were you informed about the medicines Sushant took for relief?
– What was the conversation between  
– From June 8 to June 13, what was your conversation with Sushant and the other members of the house?
– Did you speak to Rhea between June 8 to June 13?
– Did Sushant make any attempt to contact Rhea?
– What did Sushant mention about Rhea?
– Was Sushant disturbed about Rhea leaving the house?
– During this time, was Sushant under any mental stress or taking any medicines?
– Did Sushant speak to anyone in the family in this period?
– Did Sushant ever drink or smoke in front of you?
– What do you have to say about allegations that Sushant used to consume drugs?
– What was the environment at Sushant’s home on June 13 before you left?
– What was your last conversation with Sushant?
– Did you have any conversation with Sushant, Rhea or any other family member after reaching home?
– At that time did you even feel that Sushant could take any major step like suicide in the next few hours?
– On the morning of June 14, when Sushant did not pick up your call, why did you immediately called Siddharth Pithani? Did you suspect something?
– Did you inform anyone from the family that Sushant is not opening his room door?
– Did you advise Siddharth Pithani to call a locksmith or break open the door?
– Who informed you about Sushant’s death first?
– Who all were present at Sushant’s home on June 14 when you arrived? 
– Who called the police and the ambulance and when?
– Why did you go to Cooper Hospital with Sandip Ssingh?
– Do you know Sandip? Was he really a friend of Sushant?
– Why did you think there is a conspiracy behind Sushant’s death?
– Why do you think Rhea is responsible for his death?
– Do you suspect anyone apart from Rhea? If yes, then why?

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