Video of Kangana Ranaut saying she was a ‘drug addict’ goes viral as NCB tracks drug nexus in Bollywood

A video of Kangana Ranaut claiming that she “used to be a drug addict” has gone viral on social media. The video was taken in March 2020 during Navratri when Kangana was in her hometown Manali. It was posted on her Instagram account. 

The 4-minute clip has Kangana talking about running from home when she was all of 15-16 and then becoming a film star. She later says she became a drug addict and reveals how she changed her life.

“I ran from my house when I was 15-16. I became a film star in soon and then, a drug addict. So much was happening in my life. I fell into the hands of the wrong people and so much happened in my life when I was still a teenager. Imagine how dangerous I was,” Kangana says in the video. 

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