I saw Sushant Singh Rajput taking drugs in 2018, actor’s staff Dipesh Sawant tells NCB

Just a day after arresting Bollywood actress Rhea Chakraborty’s brother Showik Chakraborty and late actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s house manager Samuel Miranda in connection with the drug probe related to Sushant’s death, the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) on Saturday (September 5) arrested Sushant’s cook Dipesh Sawant in connection with this case.

Dipesh, in his statement, has said that he came in contact with Sushant in September 2018, and started living with the actor after being told to do so. Dipesh also stated that he found Sushant taking drugs just two-three days after him working for the actor.

Dipesh said that Sushant was introduced to weed by a boy named Karan. Stating that he never brought drugs, Dipesh said that he was asked to work for free and was then fired from his job and later in January 2020, he received a call from Sushant. Dipesh said that Sushant wanted to quit acting and shift to Lonavala, and wanted them to work together again. He said that Sushant called him from his cook’s phone.

“After leaving my education I have started working in a toy shop. Later I started working as an intern assistant director in a show `Life Lafde Bandiyaan’ for Bindass channeL Later I worked in several other shows (Kalyug, SSh Phir Koi Hai, Anjaan). While I was working on Anjaan due to sudden demise of my father Uttam Sawant, I quit working and I was at home for few months. In Sept 2018, I came in contact with Sushant Singh Rajput (Actor Bollywood) through one of my knowing Rishikesh Pawar,” added the statement.

Dipesh said in his statement that at that time Sushant was residing at Little heights apartment and there he met the late actor started working with him on his Dream Project, where he had listed down his 50 dreams and wanted to shoot while achieving those dreams. “I used to come do my work as said and I use to leave for my home. Afterwards Kushal Zaveri who was Director/Manager of Sushant sir at that time asked me to reside with Sushant sir in his apartment. So I started living and working with him,” said Dipesh.

“Kushal Zaveri, Abbas Khaloot Ashok bhai(cook) Siddharth Gupta, Samuel Hoakip, Keshav Basnet, Sanjay Mahto were also living along with me in that house. Later I started carrying out work as instructed by Kushal Zaveri and Sushant sir. We started shooting Sushant sues personal video content which he used to post it on social media platform Instagram. I was promised to pay salary, but in the second month I was told I will not be paid and said it will be free for all from now on. I received bonus of Rs. 1,00,000/- in Diwall 2018,” added Dipesh. 

“After two three days of my joining in the month of September 2018, I saw him to smoke weed/ganja and charas. One day I asked Ashok bhai (cook) if Sushant sir also smokes weed and he said yes and told that Karan, I don’t know his full name was first time serve Ganja and charas to Sushant sir. During that period Abbas Khalooi was preparing Ganja (weed) or charas for Sushant Sir and also smoke with him and Kushal sir. During that period I never brought Ganja for Sushant Sir, but one of my colleague Rishikesh Pawar used to bring Ganja for Sushant sir. On being asked I inform you that in the month of January 2020 I received a call from Sushant sir through keshav(cook) number and he called me to meet him at his Bandra residence, Mount Blanc,” Dipesh said in his statement .

Dipesh also said that when he met Sushant in 2020 he was very low and was saying that he is going to quit acting and shift to Pawana, Lonavala. 

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