After Sonu Nigam, Adnan Sami and Alisha Chinai call out ‘music, movie mafia for trying to play God’

Days after singer Sonu Nigam slammed the mafia ruling the music industry in an explosive Instagram video, his colleagues Adnan Sami and Alisha Chinai also came out in his support and spoken about it. 

Both Adnan and Alisha shared their thoughts on their respective Instagram timelines and said that thee music and movie mafia try to “control” the industries. 

“New singers, veteran singers, music composers and music producers – who are being exploited to the HILT!! ‘Fall into the DICTAT or you’re OUT’ … Why is creativity beyond ‘CONTROLLED’ by those you have no clue about ‘creativity’ & are trying to play GOD?” Adnan questioned in his post. He also added that the music and movie industries need a “herculean shake up”. 

Meanwhile, the ‘Tera Chehra’ singer also slammed the new trend of remixes in Bollywood. 

“We have 1.3 billion people in India by the grace of God – Is all that we have to offer is ‘remakes’ & ‘remixes’? For God sake, STOP THIS & allow the truly talented new & veteran artistes BREATH & give you creative peace Musically & Cinematically,” he said.

Alisha Chinai, who rose to fame with her superhit album of the 90s ‘Made In India’, also reiterated what Adnan said. On her unverified Instagram account, she posted the same statement as Adnan’s and wrote, “The movie and music mafia try to control you with fear and power. There is zero work ethics and no fair play.”

The ‘insider vs outsider’ debate, which is commonly known as nepotism, has sparked in Bollywood post the death of actor Sushant Singh Rajput by suicide. Many celebs have come out to speak on the prevelance on nepotism in the industry.

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