Pakistan blunders yet again, posts fake speech to UNSC on its official website

Pakistan has yet again made a blunder as it posted a fake speech to the United Nations Security Council on the official website of its permanent mission. According to reports, Pakistan faked a speech to the UNSC and posted it on its official website pretending that it was delivered even though its Ambassador did not speak at the session on terrorism.

Pakistan was not on the list of speakers circulated for the virtual meeting held online on Monday, nor does its Permanent Representative Munir Akram figure on the video of the meeting.

Unable to rally support for its campaign against India at the UN, Islamabad appears to have resorted to creating a false record for the Security Council. It is to be noted that Pakistan is not a member of the UNSC and thus it can’t make the statement.

In a tweet, the Pakistani Mission to United Nations said Pakistani envoy to UN Munir Akram made the statement at the open debate of the security council on the report of the secretary-general on the “threats to international peace and security posed by terrorism actions.”

In fact, the German mission to the UN put out a picture of the meet which did not figure Pakistani envoy. German is a non-permanent member of the UNSC.

Indian mission in UN was quick to point the development and said, “we have seen a statement put out by the Pakistani mission to the UN, claiming that these remarks were made by the Permanent Representative of Pakistan at the UNSC”

The mission asked, “We failed to comprehend where exactly did the permanent representative of Pakistan make his statement since the security council session today was not open to non-members of the security council”

The statement by Pakistani envoy was on expected lines, slamming India, raking Kashmir and even mentioning Kulbhushan Jhadav as “proof” of New Delhi’s role in perpetrating “terrorism in Pakistan”

The Indian mission gave point by point reply in a tweet to Pakistan mission statement highlighting how Pakistan is the “biggest sponsor of cross border terrorism against India” and now “masquerade itself as a victim of terrorism by India!”

Explaining it, the mission said, “Pakistan is home to the largest number of terrorists proscribed by the united nations” and “many of the sanctioned terrorists and entities continue to operate with impunity inside Pakistan”.

The Indian mission recalled the statement made by Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan in which he “admitted at the UN General Assembly in 2019, the presence of 40,000-50,000 terrorist inside Pakistan” and referred to Al Qaeda’s Osama bin Laden as a “martyr” inside Pakistani Parliament.

Calling the deteriorating situation of minorities as “systemic cleansing”, the Indian mission took the Pakistani mission to the task, reminding how the population of minorities has fallen from 1947 to just 3% currently in the country.

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