PM Narendra Modi enters 20th year in public office without a break on October 7

In yet another political milestone for Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the prime minister on Wednesday (October 7) entered his 20th year in a public office without a break.

PM Modi was appointed as chief minister of Gujarat by the BJP when the saffron party was battling infighting among its own leaders. It would not be wrong to say that PM Modi used his 3 terms as Gujarat CM to strengthen the party and helped the BJP end the Congress’ domination at the Centre.

Modi took charge as Gujarat chief minister on October 7, 2001 soon after the devastating earthquake which had rocked Bhuj. However, he took several steps to help in the development of the state at a rapid pace. Under Modi’s leadership, Gujarat became self-sufficient on several fronts and ‘Gujarat Model’ became popular across the country. The massive development work done by PM Modi as the Gujarat CM played an important role in increasing his popularity across the country and the BJP used this very well during Lok Sabha election in 2014. 

In 2007, Modi took oath as Gujarat CM for the second time and he became the CM in 2012 for the third time in a row. In 2014, Modi took oath as Prime Minister after BJP won Lok Sabha poll with majority. In 2019, PM Modi led BJP to a thumping victory to take oath as prime minister for the second time.

When India did not know the concept of national-level investor summits, Modi launched the Vibrant Gujarat investor summit in 2003. Similarly, after becoming the prime minister, Modi has ensured record FDI inflows.

Experts maintain that Modi has remained a popular leader for 20 years only because he has always challenged himself more aggressively than any other political leader. It is a known fact that PM Modi has a habit of taking risks and setting targets which seem impossible to achieve but he work relentlessly to achieve the targets and this makes him different from other leaders.

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