Dream fulfilled: A year of development and progress in Union Territory of Ladakh

The central government carved out two union territories — Ladakh and Jammu and Kashmir (J&K), out of the state of J&K on August 5 last year, fulfilling the long pending demand of the Ladakhi people. 

Ladakhi people in 1949 placed their first request for being declared as a Union Territory so that the development needs of the region can be fulfilled adequately, but the successive government in consonance with Gupkar Road elites completely ignored the legitimate demands of the people of Ladakh.

The agitation for the demand had begun under Kushok Bakula and later carried forward by another Ladakhi leader Thupstan Chhewang. Both represented Ladakh in Parliament.

As promised to the people of Ladakh, the Modi government granted UT status to Ladakh in the historic decision taken on the 5th of August besides initiative several development projects that aim to build a clean, green, healthy, and wealthy Union Territory of Ladakh.

The government has already initiated a host of development projects focussing Ladakh: 

1. 220 kV Srinagar- Alusteng – Drass- Kargil – Leh Transmission System completed and dedicated to the public in February of 2019

2. With this, Ladakh became connected to the National Grid and ensured a reliable, quality power supply to the region

3. Now, power could be supplied even in winters and surplus power can be evacuated from there in summer. This will help in reducing reliance on diesel, boosting the economy and protecting the environment

4. PM Modi also inaugurated a 9MW Dah Hydro-Electric Project and dedicated 220 KV (S/C) transmission line for overall electrification of every household in February of 2019

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