5 Diwali gifts under Rs 1,000: These electronic items could be your options for Diwali 2020

Festivities are all about sharing – sharing your joys, sharing your happiness, sharing your bonhomie – and a lot of times these feelings are passed on through some gifts and mementos. 

Diwali is one of these occasions when you would like to send gift a your loved ones. Given the critical times we are faced in the wake of COVID-19, you could have a look at gifts that would be useful to the person you are sending and at the same time it will not be very heavy on your pocket.

This Diwali 2020, check five gifts items under Rs 1,000. 

LCD Writing Screen Tablet Drawing Board

At a time when social distancing is practiced every-where and schools are going online, this gift can be considered as an essential one for kids. The LCD Writing Screen Tablet Drawing Boards are both inkless and paperless and are very easy to use for the kids. You can head on to online retailers and check out your favourite LCD Writing Screen Tablet Drawing Board. There are a host of brands offering it at below Rs 1,000.


With stay-at home being practiced more and more, many people might just want to rustle up a quick-something for breakfast or an evening snacks. A grill-toaster is handy and lets people prepare sandwiches conveniently and comfortably. You might get a good deal offline ahead of Diwali while online e-commerce companies have a variety of offers on Grill-Toasters.

Trimmer for Men

The post pandemic world must not put a pause to people’s grooming sessions. This Do-it-yourself gift would be very handy for people who desire to achieve a neat and trim look without having to step out home. Both online and offline channels are flooded with Trimmer for Men range. Several good brands also sell these under Rs 1,000.

Grooming kit for women

The list of Women grooming kit would require a stand-alone write-up (we can save it for some other time). Grooming kit for women has an endless list –from hair straighteners to body groomers to face steamers – a host items are available under Rs 1,000. You just need to zero in on one. You won’t be disappointed online or offline.


The electronics market is inundated with earphones that are compatible with Android and iOS and at the same times easy on your pocket. Many good brands are selling earphones at under Rs 1000 online. Just head to your e-retailing site to pick your favourite earphones under the said price bracket.

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