TRAGIC DEATH:She waited about 2 hours for ambulance, 4.5 hours for admission formalities and 11hours for an Ventilator at Ahmedabad

Who says their are enough beds ,with ventilators ,bipap and oxygen …leave Remdesivir apart…
This is the true story where a mother of 2years old daughter succumb to death, due to major unavailability of bed in the hospitals of Ahmedabad.

The lady was detected Covid positive some days back, while the treatment was on , suddenly she started collapsing and the doctors advise the family to admit her at Covid hospital.
With this the mega search for the hospitals began. She was all alone as her husband was taking care of their 2year old daughter.

The first challenge was to get an ambulance,and it took about two hours for the ambulance service to arrive at patients place.On one side the patient was fighting with Corona and on other side she had to fight with the mess created by administration.

Finally the ambulance reached , but thats not the end of the struggle for her. It took about about 4.5 hours for her to complete the admission formalities, which only she had to complete as being Covid patient, no family member is allowed . The hospital administration team took 4.5 long hours to admit her and start the treatment. By this times it was about 7hours of time lapse in getting the right treatment to her.

The deceased informed about the struggle to her family and friends and every one started trying their best to find a ventilator for her as the hospital was short of ventilators.The search continued for about 11 hours , meanwhile the family also tried their best to get admission in other hospitals. All websites were tracked, all possible phone calls to seek the help were done, but their was no ventilator for her till 11hours ,NIETHER an ICU bed.

On the other side, the patient was continuously longing for a ventilator and fighting against Covid virus. But slowly due to unavailability of the medical support infrastructure she collapsed leaving behind her a 02 year old daughter and husband.

On one side the government is continuously boasting of enough infrastructure, beds, and treatment facilities inspite of this this tragic incident occured at Ahmedabad.
It’s high time the government wake up and act to save the life of critical patients now.
There must be so many instances which are not coming out in public domain. But is this the same Gujarat, which was known for best medical infrastructure and development services.

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