Save Your All Mobile Data Tips & Tricks

How to Save Your All Data And Passwords if Lost Mobile

if your phone is stolen or lost, then immediately change the passwords of social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. with the help of a personal computer or any other phone. By doing this, the person stealing the phone will be logged out as soon as he opens any social site and will not be able to use it wrongly.

saved any password by writing it on the phone, then change it. Now prepare to delete the data from the phone.

Smartphone has become an of life

If it has become a bank then it is a locker, it has become an album and then a treasure of all secrets. Obviously, if the smartphone is lost or stolen, the most worrying is the data on the phone. Know how to save the data in the phone from being misused if the smartphone is lost or stolen

1. How to Delete Your lost Mobile Data and Passwords

Use This 3 Tip And Save Mobile

How to delete data from phone

Find My Device

This application in Google Playstore is very useful for detecting Android phones and deleting the number present on the phone. However, this application works only when the phone and internet are on and Gmail ID is logged-in. Use this application this way

  • First of all, open Google on any cyber café or mobile that does not have any other Gmail ID. If the ID is logged in, first log it out.
  • After opening Google, type Find My Device in its search box and press enter. Now on the page that opens, look for Find My Device– Google option. Open it.
  • You will be asked for Gmail ID. Here enter the ID that is logged in to your stolen or lost smartphone. Now enter the ID by entering the password.

After this, a page will open, in which three options will be available.

1. PLAY SOUND: After clicking on it, the phone bell will start ringing with full voice. However, the bell will ring only when the phone is on. If the phone is in silent or Vibrate mode, the bell will still ring. During this time, nothing will be visible on the phone’s display so that whose phone is coming and why the phone is ringing.

2. SECURE DEVICE: Using this option, you can lock the phone with a PIN or pattern or password. If there is no lock of any kind in your phone, then with the help of this option you can also set the lock of the phone. This will not open your stolen or lost phone.3. ERASE DEVICE: Through this option, you can not only delete all the contact numbers from your lost or stolen phone, but all the data on the phone can also be deleted. If the phone is turned off, whenever the phone is switched on, it will enter the factory reset process and the data will be deleted. After using this option, there will be no data of any kind left in your phone, but the remote control of your phone will end.

2. Block phone from a government website.

To block lost or stolen Android or iPhone, the central government has launched a portal called Central Equipment Identity Register (CEIR). Missing or stolen phones can be blocked by visiting so that no one can misuse it. Currently, it is being provided only in Maharashtra and Delhi-NCR.

Do this for help from here

  • First of all, register the FIR of the lost or stolen phone and save the copy in digital form
  • Now go to
  • Here you will see Block Stolen / Lost Mobile written in the red box. Click on it
  • Now you have to tell the mobile number, IMEI number, the name of the mobile company, the model of the mobile, the place where the mobile was lost or stolen, etc. Also, a copy of the phone bill and FIR will also have to be uploaded. If there is no phone bill, you can still file a complaint.
  • The IMEI number is different for every phone. If you do not know this number, then the box or bill you received while purchasing the phone, also has this number on it. You can also find this number by typing * # 06 # on your phone. When you have a phone, write it down and keep it somewhere.
  • After clicking on the declaration at the end of the page, click on the Submit written below it. Your phone will be blocked.

3. Delete Data Like This From iPhone

If a lost or stolen phone is an iPhone, then you will have to use my iPhone number. To search for the phone and to record the data, you can

  • Website
  • Here at the bottom of the page, you will see written on Locate your device on
  • After clicking on it, you will have to type the Apple ID.
  • Now you can not only locate your iPhone but also delete its data.
  • Keep in mind here that your data will be deleted from the mobile set itself. If you have synced the data somewhere or backup it, you can get the data again from there.