How to Chang Smartphone Your Real Life

Do you have a smartphone? Do you entertain with it at least two to three hours a day? Every five to ten

Do you see messages and social media updates every minute? Do you answer every WhatsApp message? But it is as though you are being pressured into the unknown day by day. Much of the recent research has shown that it is true. Like mental stress and depression around the world

Experts repeatedly say that the number of people who suffer from the problem is increasing.

Day By Day Chang Your Life

More about these kinds of stresses Let us know the details.

Unconscious when posting opinions, mind-blowing: excessive use of a smartphone can distract any work, timely attention, arousal, and negative thinking.

You can not. This reduces both the efficiency and the quality of work. And this is because of the cell phone that someone is in the occupation of not being able to stop the stress of listening and not focusing on work. Similarly, talking to the phone results in radiation backsliding and frustration.

Internet Services

Even if the phone is charging, it will be frustrated if the internet services are not interrupted. If they repeatedly stare at the phone, they become annoyed with the unknown. Every once in a while it will be a mess of what friends and those around you think.
This can lead to problems that are no longer relevant to peers

24-Hour Social Media (Responding)

Responding appropriately to work stress when repeated calls are:

Phone addicts may be unaware of the dangers and fears of driving while driving and using it.
Being the cause. Because of stress …

Followed by 24-hour social media updates, per posts

Those who use the phone are often accustomed to looking at the screen from a distance, gradually getting a neck response, a look or a comment, and bending the eye.

If they cannot do it, they will suffer from anger and frustration: children will have a phone while eating games and internet delusion.

Overweight, overweight and obese. Do this: Severe radiation, which can lead to sagging and reversal if parents try to fix the bully’s eyes for hours.
Many illnesses are also seen in the eye. Blurred vision. The

There is also the danger of lovers sending messages and secrets away: social, family, and human relationships that are always on the phone. Conversations are what family members see

Technology should always be welcomed. At the same time confuse with it. This means that any item tied to it should not become addictive.

Necessary, comfort, go along with the phone. Everyone should distinguish between luxury.


It is a matter of self-control for anyone who is aware of the use of unknown insecurities A symbol of sentiment. Do it without any pressure Well, he does not like it.
Court. *

Reduce the Cost Of Watching MRP TV Channels

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has changed its tariff order for the broadcasting and cable services sector. Under this, cable TV subscribers will be able to watch more channels at a lower price. The first tariff order was implemented in February last year. The new change will come into effect from March 1

About 33 Percent MRP

TRAI has demarcated MRP of individual channels included in any bucket. From March 1, their MRP will be up to Rs 12, which is currently up to Rs 19. The regulator has also imposed two conditions for making buckets, which will keep the discount on channel buckets up to about 33 percent.

The first condition is that the MRP sum of all a-la-carte channels in a bucket cannot be more than one and a half times the price of that entire bucket. This means that if a broadcaster is offering a bucket of 10 channels at Rs 100 a month, MRP of all 10 channels cannot be more than Rs 150. These broadcasters will have to change the price of the channels and the bucket price. The second condition is that the MRP of any a-la-carte channel cannot exceed three times the average price of any channel in that bucket

“Weak Passwords” VS “No Password“

50% cost only on password reallocation

The study found that any authentication system based on the memorandum, irrespective of the PIN or password, is not only troublesome for the user but the maintenance of the system is quite clear. About 50 percent of the cost of IT help desks of large companies are incurred only on the re-allocation of passwords.

Companies have to spend an average of 1 million dollars annually on these employees.

“Passwordless authentication does not at all mean removing all security barriers in our digital world. This means developing systems that are based on Artificial Intelligence (artificial intelligence) or machine learning and save users time and company money. “

Weak Passwords Problem WEF

A study among the rising incidence of cybercrime and data theft around the world has claimed that one of the main reasons is due to password theft or weak passwords.

Instead, a person is free from passwords makes them more secure and businesses more efficient. The World Economic Forum (WEF) released this report during its 2020 annual meeting. According to the report, four out of five incidents of data theft globally are due to weak or stolen passwords