Dawood Ibrahim owns several passports, three palatial homes in Karachi, says Pakistan

For the first time in over thirty years, Pakistan on Saturday (August 22) finally accepted that fugitive underworld don and 1993 Mumbai blasts mastermind Dawood Ibrahim is in Pakistan.

The claim by Islamabad came after a sanction order issued by the Pakistan government on August 18, proscribing 88 terrorists under the United Nations Sanction Resolution, included Dawood, who according to Pakistan is residing Karachi. Dawood Ibrahim is India’s most wanted terrorist and he currently heads several illegal businesses worth millions of dollars. 

Pakistan has also admitted that Dawood owns three palatial homes in Karachi. Thedocument lists White House, Karachi as one of Dawood’s three addresses in the city.
The document also lists the other two addresses- House Number 37 – 30th Street – defence, Housing Authority Karachi, Pakistan and a “Palatial bungalow” in the hilly area of Noorbad, Karachi. The development is significant since Islamabad has for years denied that it has sheltered Dawood.

Under the section on Dawood’s passports and their numbers, the order issued by Pakistan government lists five passports issued in Pakistan. “j)(Pakistan number C866537, issued on 12 August 1991, in Rawalpindi. (k) c267185- issued in july 1996 in karachi (I) H-122359 – issued in Rawalpindi in july 2001 (m) G-869537: issued in Rawalpindi. (n)KC,-285901,” it said.

According to Indian security agencies, Dawood holds several passports that mention different names and addresses in India, Pakistan, Dubai, and Commonwealth of Dominica.

Here are details of the passports issued in the name of Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar

K-560098 30-09-1975 MUMBAI

M-110522 13-11-1978 MUMBAI

P-537849 30-11-1979 MUMBAI

R-841697 26-11-1981 MUMBAI

V-57865 03-01-1983 MUMBAI

A-333602 04-06-1985 MUMBAI

A-501801 26-07 -1985 MUMBAI  

A-717288 dt. 18.8.85 CGI, Dubai (in the name of Mohd Ismail Abdul Rehman Shaikh)

F-823692 dt. 02.09.89 at CGI, Dubai (in the name of Shaikh Dawood Hassan)

G-866537 dt. 12.08.91, at Rawalpindi (Pakistani Passport in the name of Shaikh Hassan)

C-267185 dt. July 1996, Karachi (Pakistani Passport in the name of Shaikh Dawood Hasan)

KC-285901 (in the name of Sheikh Dawood Hassan, s/o Sheikh Ibrahim (d.p.o.b. 26.12.1955, Bombay, India). His address mentioned in the passport is 17 CP. Berar Society, Block 7-8, Amir Khan Road, Karachi, Pakistan

According to the security agencies, Dawood Ibrahim has reportedly been issued a Passport in the name of Mohammad Hanif Menon or Mohammad Hanif Merchant on March 23, 2000, or March 23, 2003

Of late, Dawood Ibrahim has also reportedly acquired Commonwealth of Dominica Passport, issued under its Economic Citizenship Programme (ECP) against a certain amount of foreign currency, for which citizenship of the Commonwealth of Dominica is sold 

Dawood also holds another passport No. F-823692, which was issued to him on 02.09.1989 by CGI Dubai in the name of Shaikh Dawood Hassan.

Dawood Ibrahim heads the D-Company and runs an organised crime syndicate. As per some estimates, up to 5,000 criminals are believed to be part of the D-Company. They are engaged in smuggling and trafficking and, according to some estimates, make about USD 2 billion (around 13,695 crore) every year from illegitimate activities.

D-Company members smuggle contraband, arms and explosives with the participation of foreign agents during their ship dismantling operations, the report says. The Dawood gang is also infamous for extortion and contract killings.

 According to the  US Treasury report, the D Company is the biggest operator of an international betting syndicate. Their betting syndicate derives strength from his hawala operation based out of Dubai. The US Treasury has frozen Dawood’s assets and accused him of drug trafficking to Europe.
Pakistan has been on the Paris-based FATF’s grey list since June 2018 and the Imran Khan-led government had been given a final warning in February to complete the remaining action points by June 2020. The FATF extended the June deadline to September due to the spread of coronavirus that disrupted the FATF plenary meetings.

If Pakistan fails to comply with the FATF directive by October, the Paris-based body could push the Imran Khan-led country onto the “Blacklist” along with North Korea and Iran.

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